Awaken to Joy and Enlightenment

Okay… when you’re done making tons of money, gaining fame and approval from others and proving to yourself that you’re actually worth something, what next?

Today, right now in this moment, holds the opportunity for you to awaken and to embrace Enlightenment. When it comes time to die from this body…..this world…..what is it that will matter most?

If we truly look at this question….”What is it that matters most?”, we will reveal the undying truth.

It is stated in many different spiritual traditions that we continue to incarnate into this world until we awaken to our true nature…..which , by the way, is what we are all yearning and seeking for most. However, we often fail to remember that our true nature requires very little from us. It is always here……has always been here…….and always will be. It was here before we were born and will be here when we die.

Our true nature, our naturalness, is what we all yearn to get back to. But, we can become obsessed in chasing after things here in this world that can appear to make us look as though we’re making progress. The truth is, if we stop for a moment and just rest in all of the garbage that we are trying to run from, get rid of, fix, etc……we see the absolute perfection waiting for us underneath….waiting for our arrival to just rest.

What are some things that get in the way of our resting in awakened living? Biggest number one problem, GUILT And if not guilt, then, blame, anger, and unforgiveness.

If you have ANYONE in your life whom you don’t forgive, or who you feel doesn’t forgive you, this can be one of the greatest stumbling blocks that will get in the way of your own awakening and Enlightenment.

Awakening”?, some of you say……”Who needs it?” “Why should I have to forgive them?!” Well, you don’t have to, but, is it worth sacrificing your own life and soul to hold onto the story and the resentment?

I write this today as a follow up to my experience in Central Oregon that I’ve witnessed in my own life here, as well as in so many lives of those whom I read for in this small community. This is not a local issue, but one that addresses and touches humanity. However, it is local for all of us and close to our hearts and everyday lives.

There is a saying, “Kuan Yin holds the door open for every last soul to walk through upon their Awakening”. She is holding that door open for us right now. We need only WALK THROUGH IT.

When we make judgments about others, cut them off, talk behind their backs, we take giant steps backwards in our own Awakening.

What we can do to set ourselves free is to say, silently or out loud:

“On behalf of my soul’s journey…

Through all time and space
and all levels and dimensions…both seen and unseen…known and unknown
If I have caused any hurt or pain
be it real or imagined….purposeful or accidental
I apologize and seek forgiveness

And if anyone else on their soul’s journey

Through all time and space
and all levels and dimensions…both seen and unseen…known and unknown
Has caused any hurt or pain
be it real or imagined….purposeful or accidental
All is forgiven and all is released

at the Soul level all contracts are complete, all debts have been paid and all Karma is balanced

As we accept and embrace the Joy and Enlightenment

that is unfolding upon the planet at this time.”

This beautiful Ho’Oponopono prayer above was written by Arthur Collins from the Oneness Movement in India.

I offer this prayer to each of you today and always.
Let’s take back our natural joy, natural state of abundance that doesn’t come from fear or lack, our natural state of truth and beauty and give Kuan Yin a break! : )

May the ease and grace of Kuan Yin bless All of us as we share the joy and Enlightenment that is unfolding on the planet at this time.

Peace Out ~

Kaira Sherman's photo.